July 22, 1995 Missi Island Canoe Trip

Day 1 – Missi Island/Amisk Lake Canoe Trip – Denare Beach to First Camp SE of Missi Island

The following is an account of a canoe trip on Amisk Lake around Missi Island, near Denare Beach, Saskatchewan from July 22 to 26, 1995.

This trip was my first ever wilderness canoe trip. Below is a taste of what we experienced in our adventures based primarily on our trip log. Apologies if it gets a little dry at times.

Got up at 4:10am. Packed the night before. Picked up V’s after breakfast. The four of us left V’s at 5:15am.

Heading Out

After driving 2 hours the temp light came on in the old 1977 Chev Impala. After discovering half the anti-freeze had blown out, we filled the coolant and drove to Watson, the nearest town (now 8am). We arranged to meet our emergency backup vehicle halfway, which ended up being near Serath around 9am. 

Transfering the load near Serath

We transfered the load (groan!) and headed off in the GMC full-size van at 9:40am. We drove further north than I had ever been!

July 22, 1995

July 22, 1995

Flin Flon

Eventually arrived at Denare Beach at 4:15pm.

July 22, 1995

Denare Beach

Unloaded gear into canoes.

July 22, 1995

 Left van with local marina employee.  Then finally into the freedom of the outdoors and canoe in the water (5:30 pm)!

July 22, 1995

Paddled for one hour and set up camp on a small pear-shaped island (about 600 m long).

July 22, 1995

Found a “fairly level” (according to trip journal) site for tents. Usually the best you can get! Hamburgers for supper. 

July 22, 1995

Light drizzly rain between 8:30 and 9:10 pm. Bed around 9:30 pm “mostly because the mosquitoes begin coming out then and they’re really thick”! Rained overnight.

July 22, 1995

Day 1


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