July 26, 1995 Missi Island

Day 5 – Missi Island/Amisk Lake Canoe Trip – NE of Missi Island to Denare Beach

Got up at 6:40 am. Fishing off a rocky outcropping along shore, I had two bites. One got away before reeling in, the second one after reeling in (fishing line broke). It was a Jackfish (Northern Pike) about 14-16 inches long (according to the journal, I think it might have been bigger).  Sorry, no photo to verify 🙂

Morning excitement followed by a breakfast of pancakes cooked on the campstove.

July 26, 1995

Took some photos of what we voted as one of the best campsites of the trip.

July 26, 1995

July 26, 1995

July 26, 1995

There was an interesting cliff/rock outcropping behind the tents. The rock surface was relatively smooth and sloped gradually from horizontal on top to vertical behind the tents.

July 26, 1995

July 26, 1995

July 26, 1995

July 26, 1995

We set off in the canoes at 10:15 am against a strong south wind. We tried to meander through the islands as best as possible. We made it to Denare Beach at 11:30 am, averaging 3.2 km/hr against the wind.

July 26, 1995

We had chocolate bars and cokes at the local store. Left Denare Beach at 1 pm. Drove home in Manitoba, just east of the Sask-Manitoba border. Saw a moose in the ditch while driving through Duck Mountain.

July 26, 1995

Moose in the ditch, Duck Mountain Provincial Park

Reflected on the adventures of my first canoe trip while watching the topography of the skies roll by. Started mentally planning when and where the next trip might be!

July 26, 1995

Back home at 9 pm. One day to unpack and repack before our trip to Kananaskis…

July 26, 1995

Day 5


2 Responses to “July 26, 1995 Missi Island”

  1. Chris Sparling Says:

    Your pictures bring back a lot of memories. Although I now live in Alberta, I have spent part of every summer for 53 consecutive years (since birth) at Amisk Lake. When my 4 children were younger, they chose it over Disneyland every time. Pretty special place. Glad you enjoyed your trip.

  2. prairievoyageur Says:

    Hi Chris! Glad you enjoyed the photos and stories. What a special place to spend so many years visiting with so many great memories.

    This was the first and last time I’ve been there. I hope to return someday, though it is very long drive (also now in Alberta). This canoe trip is one of the most memorable I’ve travelled (although there has not been that many so far). The mix of wild lands and historic sites made for a fascinating voyage.

    Did you ever manage to explore the “mystery road” that travels west from the old Monarch gold mine site (see “July 24, 1995” post)? I’m a real sucker for mysterious paths into the unknown… I’ll have to return someday to explore it further.

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