July 29, 1996 Bagwa Canoe Trip

Day 1 – Bagwa Canoe Trip – South to North across Kingsmere Lake

The following is an account of a canoe trip on the Kingsmere Lake/Bagwa  route in Prince Albert National Park, Saskatchewan from July 29 to 31, 1996.

Got up at 6:30 am (at cabins at MacPhee Lake, just east of Prince Albert National Park). Dropped off canoes and gear at the Kingsmere River. Loaded canoe on small rail cart for first portage (to Kingsmere Lake).

July 29, 1996

Kingsmere River

July 29, 1996

July 29, 1996

Portage to Kingsmere Lake

Crossed Kingsmere Lake with little wind and calm water. Lake is very clear with bottom visible at significant depths. Arrived at the north end of the lake by noon. Set up camp, ate lunch.

Hiked to Grey Owl’s cabin on Ajawaan Lake. According to the trip log, “the mosquitoes were very thick in the forest around the lake”. I recall running most of the way. My impression of Grey Owl’s cabin: “The cabin was a nice place to escape the bugs”.

July 29, 1996

Loon on Ajawaan Lake


July 29, 1996

Grey Owl's Cabin

July 29, 1996

July 29, 1996

July 29, 1996

Grey Owl, Anahareo and Shirley Dawn's grave markers

Hiked back to camp and relaxed (where the bugs were less on the sandy shores of Kingsmere Lake). Supper, etc.


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