July 30, 1996 Bagwa

Day 2 – Bagwa Canoe Trip – North of Kingsmere Lake to Lily Lake

“Woke up to another beautiful day”.

July 30, 1996

Kingsmere Lake (looking south from north shore)

Paddled across Kingsmere Lake to Bagwa Lake. Another calm day with only a slight breeze. Water clear to about 20 feet below after which it grew too dark to see much. Saw 2 foot pike swimming below in the clear waters. Didn’t catch any on our trolling fishing lines.

On Bagwa Lake, we watched a large flock of pelicans (30 or so) circle above, riding the thermals up into the sky until we could no longer see them. Set up camp on the shores of Lily Lake.

July 30, 1996

Wilderness Campsite on Lily Lake

Paddled up Parish Creek on the SW corner of Lily Lake.

July 30, 1996

Parish Creek

July 30, 1996

Looking back to Lily Lake from Parish Creek

Encountered numerous fallen trees across the creek after paddling about 500 m.

After supper, we paddled back to Parish Creek to see if we might encounter some wildlife. Results: Pelicans, mosquitoes and dragonflies.

July 30, 1996

Pelican on Lily Lake

July 30, 1996

Sunset on Lily Lake

July 30, 1996

Moon Rise (with large swarm of dragonflies eating mosquitoes)


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