August 14, 1996 Porcupine Hills

Day 2 – Porcupine Hills Bicycle Trip – Roadside Ditch to Hudson Bay Regional Park

Got up to a clear blue sky. “The mosquitoes were not quite as bad as yesterday” [the trip journal reports]. We packed up and pedaled about 6 km north on Road #983 to the Par Hill Lake campground to eat breakfast. Filled up water bottles at a small ice-cold stream [I guess we didn’t bother filtering or boiling it?? Likely before I knew much about Cryptosporidium and Giardia, aka beaver fever].

August 14, 1996

Breakfast at Par Hill Lake

We stopped again for a break at Pepaw Lake picnic area (see map at bottom of previous post). The weather continued to be hot and sunny.

August 14, 1996

Pepaw Lake

We continued north from #983 onto #982 (both gravel surface).

August 14, 1996

Heading North on Road #982

We arrived at the junction of 982 and Highway 9 around 12:30 p.m. Up to this time we had seen little traffic, only about three pickup trucks on the road.

August 14, 1996

Soaking shirts in drainage ditch to cool off at 982 & Hwy 9 Junction

There was much more traffic on the highway, including many logging trucks. Fortunately it had a nice wide, paved shoulder.

After riding north on Highway 9 for a short distance, we stopped for lunch at a cleared area in the forest used to store logging equipment. We took a brief rest/nap, and continued at 2 p.m.

We arrived at Hudson Bay Regional Park around 4:30 p.m. The park is a few kilometers south of the town of Hudson Bay. 

August 14, 1996

Arriving at Hudson Bay Regional Park

After setting up camp, Gregg and I went swimming/wading in a small creek at the park.

August 14, 1996

"Swimming" at Hudson Bay Regional Park

We explored the town of Hudson Bay with unburdened bicycles.

August 14, 1996

Exploring the Town of Hudson Bay (Sawmill in background)

August 14, 1996

Hudson Bay Sawmill

Ate supper back at camp. Called home from pay phone. Enjoyed a luxurious shower, knowing it would likely be our last on this trip. A total 110 kilometers cycled from Swan Plains (since yesterday evening) according to the digital speedometer. Then to bed before the sun set.

August 14, 1996

Day 2


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