August 1, 1997 Churchill River/Nistowiak Falls Canoe Trip

The following is an account of a canoe trip on the Churchill River in Saskatchewan, Canada, from Missinipe to Stanley Mission to Nistowiak Falls and back to Stanley Mission.

I did not keep a detailed journal on this trip so it is mostly photos. Therefore the trip account is in a web album with labelled photos at the following link:

Dates of the trip are as follows:

August 1, 1997: Missinipe to small island upstream of Robertson Falls.

August 2, 1997: Robertson Falls, Twin Falls to mainland west of Gilchrist Island, just upstream of Stanley Mission.

August 3, 1997: Stanley Mission, Stanley Rapids, small island on Drope Lake.

August 4, 1997: Nistowiak Falls.

August 5, 1997: Back to Stanley Mission.


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