April 28, 2000 Buffalo Pound Lake

Day 2 – Bicycle Touring Trip – Hanging out at Buffalo Pound Lake Provincial Park

Slept in, packed up. On the bikes by 10:30 a.m. into a strong east headwind, estimated at around 80 km/hr. Our spirits sank as we realized we would not likely make it home by tomorrow noon unless the wind changed (about 100 km?), at least I wouldn’t! We had planned to be back by noon the next day, so we had some contingency. Then, before we got far, still in Buffalo Pound Provincial Park, my rear axle snapped in two.

Stashed my bike and our gear in the bushes. Rob went riding on the cross-country ski trails while I did some hiking. We both hiked up a big hill to use the emergency cell phone he had along (one of the huge old-school ones). Called my mom for a ride home tomorrow, both a dissapointment and relief considering the headwind issue.

Set up camp down near the lake, behind some trees out of the wind. Supper on the beach with therma-rests nestled in the rocks to make a crude chair. Read books. In bed around 10 p.m.

Day 3 – Bicycle Touring Trip – The ride home


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