September 14, 2006 PEI Bicycle Touring Trip

Cycled about 35km eastward along the Confederation Trail.  Picked apples and blackberries for snacks, saw fox, grouse at close distance, marshes, bogs, thick forest. We were travelled just north of Notherumberland Strait, a scenic salt water inlet. Stopped at the Hillsborough River Eco-Center in Mt. Stewart, a museum on the trail that focused on the marsh and a history of the nearby small town.

At one point the trail ran adjacent to Highway 2 and we stopped at a gas station for snacks and washroom break. We ran into Al there on his way to work (Al lent us his bikes). Even as visitors the Island felt like a small place where you run into people you know!

Passed by many acreages with clotheslines and huge vegetable gardens behind the home. Saw unoccupied vegetable stands in front of acreages. This consisted of a wooden cupboard on the front lawn beside the road with a sign listing veggies and prices each (i.e. 25 or 50 cents). Inside the cupboard was a random assortment of veggies and a can to place your money into. All we could say is, seeing something like this renews a sense of humanity in the world.

We camped adjacent to St. Peters, a small village with a huge
old (i.e. maybe 200 year old) Catholic Church, just off a large salt
water inlet about 15 km from the ocean.

Camping near St. Peters

Cycled up to the old church, just NW of St. Peters. The cemetery had a tranquil solemn atmosphere which we quietly soaked in.


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