September 15, 2006 PEI Bicycle Touring Trip

Cycled about 60 km west down Confederation Trail directly back to Charlottetown. We left St. Peters at 9:30am and arrived at Charlottetown around 3:30pm (average 12 km/hr).

One of many scenic marshlands

We switched bikes as my rear end was sore and Sarah’s bike had a softer
seat, as Sarah was hardly sore at all. However, I discovered Sarah’s bike was a step forward design which I found resulted in less power to the wheels and more knee tendon strain if not careful.

We got ice cream at Superstore to celebrate the end of our journey. I think I forgot to mention that Sarah was 5 months pregnant and did very well considering. We would have loved to tour further, but wanted a few days break before heading back.

Sept. 16, 2006

Enjoyed Al’s delicious home cooking again. Walked to “Fired Up” and painted some ceramics (soap dish and stove-top spatula dish holder-thingy, going for practical items). Bought shoes for Sarah along the way, bought groceries.

Sept. 17, 2006

Lunch, nap, pack & flight home. Arrive in Calgary 11:06 p.m.


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