May 10, 2015 Glenmore Reservoir – Paddling

For Mother’s Day we went for a family paddle on Glenmore Reservoir. Despite my eagerness, the kids were reluctant to go. The youngest had a meltdown before we got on the water. Once the meltdown ran its natural course and burned out and we got some food into her, we finally managed to get onto the water.

Although cloudy, there was no wind and about +15 C. The reservoir was low (1074.9 m on gauge) so we had a challenge navigating the west side, trying to find the deep river channel to head up the Elbow River without running aground in the mud. After a few false turns, we mostly managed to follow the channel. The kids helped watch for shallow water. Looking at the aerial photo of the lake later, we could see several channels in different directions. Of course the channels probably migrate over time as well.

We paddled up a side channel of the river and saw some fish swoosh by at great speed. The channel turned out to be a dead-end due to the low water. No wonder the fish were scurrying past, they didn’t want to be trapped!


Stopping by a beaver lodge, we were able to see the entrance due to the low water. I jokingly asked the kids if they wanted to climb inside, but they weren’t too keen on that.


We stopped for a snack and the kids threw rocks into the water. As usual the youngest tromped into the mud and water soaking her shoes. She was having fun now!


And predictably, when we announced it was time to leave, the kids vehemently insisted they didn’t want to leave.

On the return trip there was no wind so the oldest child paddled in the bow seat for the first time. She was quite proud of this and was now much more excited to be in the canoe. She had the task of checking for shallow water and finding the deep channel.

As we got close to the dock, we saw a canoe overturn, thankfully close to shore. By the time we got close to see if they needed help, another boat had come to their aid and they had climbed onto shore. A reminder to stay close to shore as much as possible.

We saw lots of ducks, Arctic Terns and geese, in addition to the fish. It was a lovely way to spend the day.



One Response to “May 10, 2015 Glenmore Reservoir – Paddling”

  1. prairievoyageur Says:

    An example of the importance of staying close to shore, the link below recounts the death of the founder of the North Face company, Doug Tompkins, who was an expert kayaker. He died of hypothermia after capsizing in a sudden windstorm on a lake, 200 m from shore.

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