June 21 & 22, 2015 Prairie Creek Bicycle Tour

I managed to sneak away on a few short bicycle touring day trips while staying at a resort for a few days for a friend’s wedding. The resort (Prairie Creek Inn) is located south of Rocky Mountain House with several paved roads nearby.

The first day (June 21) I rode west on Township Road 375A for about 9 km out from the resort and 9 km back again. The landscape was a mix of cleared cropland, cleared seeded pasture and some dwindling tracts of intact forest. Two side roads to small lakes looked interesting, but I didn’t have a chance to explore them.

I was riding a mountain bike with knobby, 2.1 inch wide tires, so the effort expended per km was more than if I had a road bike, although I did inflate the tires to higher pressure for the paved roads. I took this bike because I thought I would do some riding on gravel roads, but in the end I only rode on pavement other than a short side trip. I find the gravel roads in Alberta typically have a thick layer of coarse gravel that is tough to ride on even with 2.1 inch wide tires, a 3 inch tire would be better.


The paved road did not have a shoulder. I had a rear-view mirror and the traffic was sparse — I usually pulled over into the ditch when the odd vehicle passed by. Fortunately, on this ride there were no farm dogs near the road that were eager to give chase when I passed by (unlike some previous rural rides).

On the second day (June 22) I rode north on Range Road 73 for about 10 km out from the resort and 10 km back again. I took a snack break at the bridge crossing Prairie Creek. On the ride back I spent some time trying to ditch a horsefly that was intent on landing on me and managed to keep up with me at all speeds!


Snack break at Prairie Creek





Prairie Creek, back at the resort



2 Responses to “June 21 & 22, 2015 Prairie Creek Bicycle Tour”

  1. adventurepdx Says:

    Finally! A bicycle tour. 😉

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