June 28, 2015 Edmonton Mosquito Swamp – Day Hike

I stumbled across these photos so I thought I’d throw these in. While at a wedding in Edmonton (one of four weddings this summer), I went on an urban hike (also known as a “walk”). I discovered a small area of native forest that was not developed for some reason. A vague trail in the forest led to a small, stagnant watercourse — and a vacant homeless camp, complete with a rough footbridge over the watercourse. I quickly snapped these photos while being heavily swarmed. I then proceeded to run back to the alternative mosquito-less dimension of asphalt and concrete, dodging stinging nettle along the way.


Mosquito nursery





2 Responses to “June 28, 2015 Edmonton Mosquito Swamp – Day Hike”

  1. adventurepdx Says:

    Four weddings? Hope there wasn’t a funeral!

  2. prairievoyageur Says:

    Fortunately none this year! I forgot about that movie title…

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