January 23, 2016 West Bragg Creek – Day Hike

8.6 km
3 hrs including two breaks
2.9 km/hr

Trails: Up on Long Distance, down on Reconnect and Braggin Rights


• Time: 9:40 a.m. to 12:40 p.m. on trail
• Fluids: drank about 0.75 L water/tea, more back at car
• Feet starting to get sore last 25%, knees sore near end.
• Temperature: about zero degrees
• Trail hard ice entire length (fat bike trail). Hard walking surface on ice for the entire hike, like walking on asphalt. Wore Microspikes the entire hike.
• Passed about 7 cyclists on trail and 2 joggers, no hikers. Ski and snowshoe trails much busier.
• Two snack and water breaks
• Next time take thin gloves to prevent blisters from ski poles
• Parking lot about 20% full at arrival, overflowing several hundred metres along road upon return
• Ate lunch at car, put on dash in sun, kept it lukewarm
• Bike with 2 inch tires would be OK on current conditions if double studded tire, would need studs that are not worn out. Would need wider tires if fresh snow.

This was the first solo hike I’ve done at West Bragg Creek and maybe the second hike in this area ever.


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