The Bicycle Fleet

The bicycle fleet in the stockyard is currently grounded from bicycle touring. They are in fact all set up primarily for urban commuting. They may occasionally see a recreational half-day trip. I will be adding info to this page on the bicycle fleet in the future.

For now, you can view some photos of the machines of wonder here.

Most of my bicycles are cheap low end bikes I have purchased used, as urban commuting can be hard on the bikes, especially during the 6 months of winter. Below are random notes on the bicycle’s history, modifications and accessories. This will become more organized in the future (hopefully).

1991 Voyageur

  • Low end mountain bike purchased new from Consumers Distributing. A big purchase at the time, I think it was $150?
  • Only bicycle used for touring to date. Plan to use a better bike for touring in the future.
  • My only bicycle until around 2005.

Ironhorse #1

Ironhorse #2

Norco Eliminator Tourister

  • Likely 1970’s vintage
  • Obtained from garage sale for free
  • Installed new front wheel, as the original front wheel was useless for braking due to herringbone pattern on rim.
  • Installed new rear wheel, same issue as front wheel plus broken spoke. Just a very poor wheel in general.
  • Replaced chainwheel due to issues with cotter pin damage from previous owner which deformed the original bottom bracket shaft.
  • No serial No.
  • 58201 Saskatoon Bicycle License Tag

Three Speed Hub Supercycle

  • My wife’s bike (too small for me)
  • Likely about 40 years old
  • Obtained from garage sale for free
  • Mint condition, garage queen. Appears to have been ridden very rarely.
  • Still using what appears to be the original tires that came with full tread.
  • Original front wheel had a chromed steel rim, replaced with a  new front wheel with aluminum alloy rim to improve braking in wet conditions.
  • Has a 333 Shimano three-speed hub
  • Replaced 18 tooth rear sprocket with 22 tooth for better gear ratios.
  • Serial No.: V690522

MEC Dahon Origami Folding Bicycle

  • Purchased used $420 Fall 2013 (was priced $800 new I think)
  • Intend to use for ease of packing in car, on transit and in the canoe for bicycle shuttles on river runs.
  • This bike is now out-of-production.

The specs according to MEC are:

  • Centre hinge allows lightweight aluminum frame to fold back on itself.
  • 20 x 1.5in. tires provide plenty of cushioning.
  • ProMax V-brakes are powerful and easy to maintain.
  • Nexus 8-speed internal hub allows rider to change gears whether pedalling or not. Gear range suits most city riding.
  • Folded size is approximately 34 x 67 x 64cm (13.3 x 26.1 x 25in.).
  • Adjusts to fit riders from 125 to 188cm (4ft. 10in. to 6ft. 2in.).
  • Designed to support a maximum weight of 105kg (230lb.).
  • Seatpost telescopes into the frame.
  • Handlebars telescope and fold flat.
  • SunTour pedals fold against crank when not in use.
  • Comes with a canvas carrying case, fenders, and a rear rack.
  • Manufactured by Dahon to MEC specifications.


2013 GT Traffic 2.0

  • Purchased 40% off at Sport Chek in January 2016
  • XL aluminum frame
  • Hydraulic disc brakes (Tektro Draco Pro)
  • Crank: Suntour NRX 48/38/28
  • Rear Derailleur: Shimano Alivio 9spd
  • Cog Set: Shimano HG20 9spd 11-34
  • Tires: 700x35c Schwalbe Roadcruiser
  • Spokes: 14 Gauge Stainless with brass nipples
  • Serial No.: SNMNG  12M92004

I bought this bike for commuting, to eventually replace the 1991 Voyageur (I’m growing weary of changing out the bottom bracket every few years), and to maybe use for light touring in the future. I’m not sure yet if I like the idea of hydraulic brakes, but the price was right on this bike so I’ll see how they hold up over the years.

Bicycle - GT Traffic Frame Geometry


  • Winchester Bicycle Trailer (now passed on through kijiji Fall 2013)
  • Bell Bicycle Trailer
  • Trailer Bike
  • Various panniers and racks

Bike Light – Planet Bike Blaze 2 Watt Micro LED Front Light


  • Overlooked in the past, now an important aspect of cycling such that I invest in good quality clothing as a higher priority to good quality bikes (for now, planning to gradually shift the fleet to better quality machines over time).
  • Ski goggles for below -15 to -20 C!

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